About Us

"Before we can have a sustainable planet, we must first lead sustainable lives."
-Arianna Huffington

Mission Statement

Our mission, as Go Matcha Go, LLC, is to share the many benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder with the world. Matcha Green Tea Powder's positive impact on life is too wonderful for people to not know about. Through innovation, we aim to make Matcha Green Tea Powder accessible to all who wish to enjoy. We also aim to maximize the customer’s enjoyment of Matcha Green Tea Powder by producing products that utilize the many different ways in which Matcha can be enjoyed. 

Established in 2010 and based out of Columbus, Ohio, Go Matcha Go, LLC is a Matcha Green Tea Powder Distribution Company which develops and sells Matcha products through multiple distribution channels. 

The Four Pillars of Go Matcha Go 

  • Balance

    • Balance is the essence of the Universe. It manifest on all levels. Seek balance and gain control. Work hard, Play Hard! Matcha brings balance to your mind and body.
    •  Vitality

        •  Our life force comes from an infinite source. By treating our bodies correctly, we can tap into that life force at will. Matcha works to keep that energy flowing through you.
        • Holism

          • We are all connected. 
        • Sustainability

          • We live on a planet that can naturally sustain our human needs. We must seek and cultivate relationships with the Earth that will provide sustainable solutions.  Matcha works to naturally support and sustain your body throughout the day -- No Crash, no side effects.



            Robert C. Pasker, III

            Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer



            Sheena C. Pasker

            Chief Operating Officer


            Go Green! Go Matcha Go!